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John:Hey man, Howís it going?

Luke:Good, and I am sure things are good for you too, right?

John:Yes, but why would you say that?

Luke:You are never looking sad. You always seem to be happy.

John:Is there something wrong with that?

Luke:No, but it is something I wish I could teach myself to do.

John:Why canít you be as happy as I am all the time?

Luke:My life is great, but it is too hard to always appear happy to everyone around me. It seems like you have something that I donít that just keeps your spirits up even when they are down.

John:If I did have something special to do that for me, would you be interested?

Luke:I don not know. What do you have that is so different from anything I have? We both have the same basic morals and lead similar lives. You donít have some crazy religion do you?

John:Yes, I would not exactly call it crazy, but I am a Christian.

Luke:I should have known. It doesnít mean anything to me, but you do act like one. We have never gone into our views on religion before.

John:Well, if you know about my religion, what do you believe?

Luke:I am like an atheist, but I still believe almost everything in Christianity. I believe there is a God, but I do not pay attention to his existence.

John:Why do you know and believe so much of Christianity.

Luke:I was born and raised in a church. Every Sunday I went to church, even though the only reason I went in my teenage years was to keep my parents happy. I also went to a Christian school all the way through high school.

John:Well if you know so much about Christianity, and agree with the teachings, why donít you claim to be a Christian?

Luke:I have an unbreakable grudge against Christianity that was brought on by my parents giving me no choice and it bored me. Christianity was always being shoved down my throat, and it stood like a barrier between my parents and me.

John:So when I tell you that all have sinned and show you where it says that in the Bible you would agree to that.

Luke:Yes, and I could take you down the rest of the Romans road and explain it to you.

John:Then why do you not accept the gift of eternal life?

Luke:I do not like the way my life went when I was younger, and I blame this largely on Christianity. I know God has given me the gift of eternal life, but I just refuse to reach out and accept it.

John:Well it is obvious that you know just as much or more than I do about Christianity, but I can not see what would make you refuse to accept it. Do you know where that means you are going when you die?

Luke:Yes, straight to hell if there is one.

John:And you can just live on life knowing that you will suffer eternally even though you knew how to prevent it?

Luke:Through all of my youth, all I can remember is how much I hated my church, and my parents for making me go. As soon as I could get away I did so, and my life has been so much better since I left God. Why should I turn back when I finally broke away and am doing fine on my own? I do not think about what the future may be, but I do remember the impression put on me in the past.

John:You do not like something God did so you are rejecting him. It is understandable, but it is not acceptable. You need to think more about your future instead of remembering the past. Your existence here is temporary, and one day you will spend eternity in the place of your choice. I would be more worried about where you will be after you die.

Luke:I can accept God anytime I want, including later.

John:You could die this very instant from a brain hemorrhage. Does that give you enough time?

Luke:Thatís not going to happen.

John:But it could.

Luke:I am not stupid enough to go get myself killed. God has no reason to kill me anyway. I am not incredibly bad or anything.

John: It says in the Bible that we have a purpose to be on earth. As long as we fulfill that purpose God can still end your life, but is not as likely to. If you know about Godís plan, but just donít care, then He has a much better chance of giving up on you.

Luke:Even if I did for some reason go back to church, it would require too much change. There are a lot of things that I could not give up that Christianity would require me to.

John:Being a Christian does require sacrifice, but God did give us all that we have and that is the least we can do for him.

Luke:Its too much to leave behind.

John:But it guarantees a better future.

Luke:I could not ever be good enough.

John:Nobody is perfect.

Luke:So is it worth it for me to give everything up to God to get the gift of eternal life.

John:What else do you have to look forward to?

Luke:And if I do all this then I will be happier?

John:Donít you know the answer to that.

Luke:Yes, I knew it all along, but always shoved it off.

John:Well what do you think of what we have discussed so far?

Luke:It has made me think. It has also made me remember a lot of stuff that I already knew but never think about.

John:So what do you plan to do?

Luke:I will sleep on it.

John:Will you consider going to church?

Luke:I will see how I feel Sunday.

John:Well I hope I got somewhere.

Luke:Nobody has made me think that hard in a long time.

John:Well, I need to go.

Luke:OK, Iím glad I got to talk to you.

John:Me too.


John:Iíll be praying for you.